Jewellery Care

A big congratulations to you who have now owned a very precious jewellery item from Eblogue. It's time to create an epilogue of your life with us. Providing you take a very good care of the jewellery, it can be your favourite company for a very long time. Here's how :-


925 Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

  • At the moment, we try to cater you with only the best 925 sterling silver jewellery pieces.
  • For the ones made from 925 Sterling Silver, the following is to be avoided :-
  • - Salt - Chlorinated Water - Direct spray of perfumes & lotions - Direct sunlight - Water 
  • To polish it, simply use a polishing cloth and a tiny amount of natural oil such as olive oil, will do. Tiny amount!
  • Keep your jewelleries in an airtight container.